Dulquer Salmaan’s latest movie review: Parava

Dulquer Salmaan


Dulquer Salmaan plays a good role in this movie. The story of Parava movie involves pigeon race, a game, which is prominent in Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala.  Pigeon flying is an indispensable part of living there.  Dulquer Salmaan as Imran performs a pivotal role in the plot.
It’s reassuring to note that actor Soubin Sahir has a grave purpose in his directorial debut. As a first step, he makes us glued to the screen when the title card appears in a peculiar fashion but in an authentic manner. Then he guides us to the lives of the two little lead characters, who always follow pigeons.   Here, more than the innocence of the children, it’s their passion for pigeons that is all-pervasive until the end. In fact, they show enormous maturity and restraint than adults.
 Mattancherry is the small part of Kochi which was earlier recognized for trading spices and tea. The area has people who emerged and settled from different parts of India and abroad. Pigeon flying is an essential part of living there, where it is also conducted as a sport. In the competition, a pair of pigeons belonging to each participant must fly without landing and the pair that flies the most wins.
 ‘Parava’ means pigeon and film significant by telling the story of Irshad and Haseeb, two pigeon flying kids who dream to succeed the tournament this year.
Parava is the directorial venture of Soubin Shahir and the film is produced by Anwar Rasheed and Shyju Unni.  Written by Soubin Shahir, Rex Vijayan’s songs are going to suit the flow of cinema. Cinematography by Littil Swayamp.

The attractions of Parava are

  •  Dulquer Salmaan in an extended cameo
  • Soubin Shahir’s debut directorial
  • Anwar Rasheed production

Positives of Parava

  • Dulquer Salmaan
  • Performances
  • Treatment and direction


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