Mohanlal’s ‘Odiyan’ is the most anticipated Malayalam movie

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Journalist, scriptwriter and moreover national award winner Harikrishnan is the scriptwriter for Odiyan, the film directs by well-known advertising filmmaker Sreekumar Menon, Odiyan is his first directorial cinematic venture. Manju Warrier would perform as the heroine of Mohanlal, Prakash Raj is performing as the villain in the film, the film produces by Aashirvaad cinemas, Antony Perumbavoor is the producer, M. Jayachandran composes music for the movie. Peter Hein will handle the action choreography.

The history of ‘Odiyan’

The ‘Odiyans’ were some tribes who lived in Palakkad and some areas of Malabar, Southern Kerala. Odi vidya is a mythic cult that is quite popular among the Valluvanadan regions of Kerala.  ‘The film is defined in the pre-electricity days and is their story. The Odiyans were employed to frighten people in the darkness. So, they were actually Kerala’s first ‘quotation team’. If you have an enemy, you could call the Odiyans and ask them to scare them. You give them ‘Odi’ which is a ritual where you provide them with a fee and some liquor. They would dress up as some creature and scare the person at night.  Once electricity became prevalent, the Odiyans became extinct. Mohanlal performs the last surviving Odiyan in the State. 

The locations of the film are Palakkad, Pollachi, Udumalpet, Banaras, and Hyderabad.

Release Date –  March 2018


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